List of WPA Instructors Guides Certified through Sea Dog SUP Nation.

These exemplary World Paddle Association (WPA) Paddle Board Instructors all took their on the water certification training with Sheree Lincoln, owner and founder of Sea Dog SUP Nation> We had to have a little fun with the title and thought creating a SUP nation sounded fun. Don’t see your name on the list? Let us know!

Jodi Jziaka – Yoga Teacher and WPA Level I Instructor Guide for Buddha Voodoo and Sea Dog Eco Tours – click here for more.

Cindy Gibson Welton – Paddle Board Racer WPA level I Instructor Guide for Sea Do Eco Tours

Stacy Williams – WPA Level I Instructor Guide and Owner of Paddle Board Sales company SurfSup 8475, Cave City, Kentucky. Visit the SurfsUP8475 You Tube Channel – click here.

Bill Essling – WPA Level I Instructor Guide, Holland, Michigan

Kimberly Bouwkamp WPA Level I Instructor Sanibel Sea School

Joey Garofino WPA Level I Instructor Sanibel Sea School

Annie Clinton WPA Level I Instructor Sanibel Sea School

Donna Osborn WPA Level I Instructor and Special Olympics Coach, Punta Gorda, Florida

Chris Davy WPA Level I Instructor, Boca Raton, Florida and Ireland

Lindsay Smith WPA Level I Instructor, Yoga Instructor and Business Owner at Vibe Yoga, Fort. Myers, Florida and The Barn at Smith’s Acres Events and Retreats.

Kim Hedges

Rachelle Tirelli

Kathleen Buchnowski

James Reed

Amy Wallace