About Coach Sheree

Paddle Board Coach Sheree Lincoln has been operating a paddle board business since 2011. She is currently located in Fort Myers Beach offering guided tours and lessons. Coach Sheree has been teaching people how to become paddle board instructors and training and certifying them to get their World Paddle Association Level I SUP Certificate to teach paddle boarding.

New for 2021! Coach Sheree is helping other people set up their paddle board business bsed on the success she has had with her own, Sea Dog Eco Tours, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. She has had so much fun developing and running her own 5 Star rated business that she would like to share the love. This is how Sea Dog SUP Nation was born. Contact Sheree to find out about her paddle board business opportunity and consulting with Sheree can help you increase your business or a launch a one!

Please be patient while our website and program is under construction.

Mahalo! — Coach Sheree